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Y. Morikawa
(Chair, Osaka Univ.)
H. Ishii (Chiba Univ.)
K. Kanai (Nagoya Univ.)
Y. Ouchi (Nagoya Univ.)
K. Seki (Nagoya Univ.)
N. Ueno (Chiba Univ.)
S. Yanagisawa (Osaka Univ.)

This symposium will focus on theoretical aspects of organic-metal interfaces related to organic and molecular scale electronics. The field of organic and molecular scale electronics is now growing rapidly and it is recognized that organic-metal interfaces play crucial roles in their performance and efficiency. The symposium will provide an opportunity for researchers to discuss latest progress in theoretical studies of organic-metal interfaces. It will also include some key note lectures by experimentalists to enhance collaborations between theoretical and experimental works. Some tutorial talks will be also provided in the beginning of the symposium to give overviews and important knowledge of theoretical and experimental works in this field to students and young researchers.
Date January 15 (Mon.) - 17 (Wed.)
Location Osaka University, Icho Kaikan >> Go to detail
Banquet January 16 (Tue.), Main Hall (3F)
Abstract Deadline: December 15th, 2006 >> Go to Call for paper
Registration Deadline: January 11, 2007 >> Go to Registration
Kazuto Akagi (Univ. Tokyo)
Organic Chemistry on Si(001) Surface : Toward Well-Defined Interface
Hideo Aoki (Univ. Tokyo)
Organic-Metal Interfaces as a Playground for Manipulating Electron Correlation Effects: a Theoretical View
Yoshihiro Asai (AIST)
Static and Dynamical Roles of Interface and Junction in Single Molecular Conductance
Paul Bagus (Univ. North Texas)
New Theoretical Insights into the Interaction of Organic Adsorbates with Metal Surfaces
Massimiliano Di Ventra (Univ. California, San Diego)
Transport in Nanoscale Systems: Hydrodynamics, Turbulence and Local Electron Heating
Fernando Flores (Univ. Autonoma de Madrid)
Energy Level Alignment at Metal/Organic Semiconductor Interfaces: "Pillow" Effect, Induced Density of Interface States and Charge Neutrality Level
Juergen Hafner (Univ. Vienna)
DFT Studies of the Adsorption of Organic Molecules on Solid Surfaces
Kenji Hirose (NEC)
Contact Effects on Electron Transport through Single Molecules
--- ab initio RTM/NEGF method study ---
Kikuji Hirose (Osaka Univ.)
First-principles Calculations of Electron-transport Properties of Nanostructures (Tutorial in Japanese)
Hiroshi Ishida (Nihon Univ.)
Embedded Green-Function Calculation of the Conductance of O-incorporated Au and Ag Atomic Wires
Maki Kawai (Univ. Tokyo)
Vibrational Excitation of Molecules Adsorbed on Metal Surfaces
Leeor Kronik (Weizmann Institute)
Interplay of Localized and Delocalized Orbitals at Silicon/Organic Interfaces
Yoshitada Morikawa (Osaka Univ.)
First-principles Theoretical Study of Metal/Organic Interfaces: Origin and Roles of Interface Dipole
Abraham Nitzan (Tel Aviv Univ.)
Molecular Conduction and Beyond
Takahisa Ohno (NIMS)
First-Principles Investigations of Molecular Functions
Pavel B. Paramonov (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Electronic and Vibronic Interactions at Weakly Bound Interfaces: The Case of Pentacene on Graphite
Lars G.M. Pettersson (Stockholm Univ.)
Saturated and Unsaturated Hydrocarbon Adsorption on Metals
Kazuhiko Seki (Nagoya Univ.)
Basic Experimental Findings about Organic/Metal and Related Interfaces (Tutorial in Japanese)
Kenji Shiraishi (Tsukuba Univ.)
Recent Progress in Understanding the Mechanism of Schottky Barrier Height Formation at Various Interfaces
Sven Stafstroem (Linkoping Univ.)
Theoretical Studies of the Formation of Dipole Layers at Metal-Organic Semiconductor Interfaces
Kurt Stokbro (Copenhagen Univ.)
First-principles Modelling of Electron Transport across Interfaces
Kiyoyuki Terakura (Hokkaido Univ.)
Introduction to Calculations based on Density Functional Theory (Tutorial in Japanese)
Masaru Tsukada (Waseda Univ.)
Quantum Transport of a Molecular Layer between the Electrodes
Nobuo Ueno (Chiba Univ.)
High Precision UPS Studies of Weakly Interacting Organic/Conductor Interfaces
Kazunari Yoshizawa (Kyushu Univ.)
Frontier Orbital Control on the Quantum Transport in Nanosized Graphite Materials
Jeffrey B. Neaton (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Electronic Level Alignment at Metal-Organic Interfaces with a GW Approach
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