This international conference is held every year by sponsorship of ISIR Osaka University and Nano Technology Center ISIR Osaka University. It will be the 19th time of holding this year.
This year it focuses on Internet of Things (IoT) and the research subjects related to IoT.
The keynote speakers and the invited speakers advancing research and development at the forefront will present the important issue, basic science and technical development which are concerned with IoT, domestic and abroad.


Plenary Lectures:

(alphabetical order)
Alvo Aabloo (Professor of University of Tartu (Esthonia) )
Mark Akeson (Professor of UC Santa Cruz (USA) )
Massimiliano Di Ventra (Professor of Physics, University of California, San Diego (USA) )
Katsushi Ikeuchi (Principal Researcher of the Microsoft Research Asia (China) )
Genshiro Kitagawa (President of Research Organization of Information and Systems (Japan))
Rudy Lauwereins (Vice-President, Director of imec academy (Belgium) )
Federico Rosei (Professor of Univ. du Quebec (Canada) )

Invited speakers (Tentative):

(alphabetical order)
・Antonio Capretti(University of Amsterdam)
・Jan Genoe (Senior Scientist of imec)
・Yongtaek Hong(Professor of Seoul National University)
・Martin Kaltenbrunner(Assistant Professor of Johannes Kepler University)
・Yoshihiro Kawahara (Associate Professor of the University of Tokyo)
・MinJun Kim (Professor of Drexel University)
・Yoshifumi Oshima(Associate Professor of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
・Kazunori Sato(Associate Professor of Osaka University)
・Tsuyoshi Sekitani (Professor of ISIR)
・Masateru Taniguchi (Professor of ISIR)
・Takashi Washio (Professor of ISIR)
・Yihong Wu(Professor of National University of Singapore)
・Yasushi Yagi (Executive Vice President, Osaka University)
・Kizashi Yamaguchi (Emeritus Professor of Osaka University)
・Toshihiko Yamasaki(Associate Professor of the University of Tokyo)
・Hideo Yokota (Team Leader of RIKEN)
・Yoichi Yoshida (Professor of ISIR)

Organizing Committee

Sekitani Tsuyoshi (Professor of ISIR, representative organizing committee member)
Sekino Toru (Professor of ISIR, organizing committee member)
Kazuhiko Nakatani (Director of ISIR, Professor of ISIR, organizing committee member)
Hidekazu Tanaka (Deputy Director of ISIR, Professor of ISIR, organizing committee member)


The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (ISIR), Osaka University Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Center, ISIR

Osaka University Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Alliance, Institute for NanoScience Design
Kansai Nanotechnology Network
Future Research Initiative Group Project Support, Osaka University
“Osaka University Nano Science Technology Alliance”,
“Green Nano Material ‘Making things’ Initiative”,
“Computational Nano-Materials Design: New Strategic Materials”
Program for Leading Graduate Schools, ‘Interactive Materials Science CADET’
Nanotechnology Platform, MEXT
Comprehensive Analysis Center, ISIR, Osaka University


Science Council of Japan


December 7th, 8th, 9th, 2015

ICHO Hall, Osaka University

Registration fee: Free

Invited ----- 0 yen
Participant ----- 1,000 yen
Student ----- 1,000 yen

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January 11th , 2016