The Symposium will focus on the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Evolution in Science and Technology. The tremendous progress of computers in processing speed and expansion of the memory size opens up a new era of AI. The symposium will share the cutting-edge knowledge and technology of AI in machine learning, IoT, information technology, nanotechnology, materials science, biology, chemistry etc. Your participation is indispensable for the success of the Symposium.

Important Dates

◆Abstract submission deadline:
  December 28th, 2017 (extended final deadline)
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◆Registration deadline:
  January 10th, 2018


・Yutaka Nakamura (Osaka Univ. Japan)
・Alexander Rudnicky (Carnegie Mellon Univ. USA)
・Hideki Kato (Team DeepZen, Japan)
・Genki Yoshikawa (NIMS, Japan)
・Yuki Watanabe (Toshiba Memory Corporation, Japan)
・Ross King (Univ. of Manchester, UK)
・Yasukazu Murakami (Kyushu Univ. Japan)
・Yasushi Makihara (ISIR, Osaka Univ. Japan)
・Yuji Ito (Kagoshima Univ. Japan)
・Takeo Kanade (Carnegie Mellon Univ. USA)
・Daisuke Fujita (NIMS, Japan)
・Dimitrios Peroulis (Purdue Univ. USA)
・Akihiro Kishimoto (IBM Research, Ireland)
・Takashi Washio (ISIR, Osaka Univ. Japan)
・Bartosz A. Grzybowski (UNIST, Korea and Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland)

Best Poster Award


Mr. Daiki KAWAMOTO (ISIR, Osaka University)
“Wide-range nonvolatile multistate resistance modulation in SmNiO3 film EDLT”

Mr. Takuya KAWATA (ISIR, Osaka University)
“Determination of human infectivity using graphene FET influenza sensor”

Ms. Yumi NISHIYAMA (Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University)
“Microscopic observation of photo-alignment of guest fluorescent molecules in films of azobenzene liquid crystal polymer”

Mr. Morio MITSUISHI (Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University)
“Nano-mechanical motion of optically trapped particle induced by photoabsorption of femtomole molecules”

Ms. Aki SUYAMA (Graduate School of Engineering Science, Osaka University)
“Reversible potential response of imidazolium-based ionic liquid at IL/metal electrode interface observed by ATR far-UV spectroscopy”

Ms. Yuuki YAMADA (ISIR, Osaka University)
“Bio-nanocapsule-based scaffold for clustering and oriented-immobilization of sensing molecules”

Poster award committee

Organizing Committee

Hiroaki Sasai
Masayuki Numao
Hikaru Kobayashi
Tamio Oguchi
Shinobu Takizawa
Kazuhiro Takenaka
Makoto Sako
Masaru Kondo
Ayaka Honda
Aya Nishida
Masayoshi Ohnishi
Senjin Aihara
Yuka Okumura


The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (ISIR), Osaka University

Information of Poster Award

Date: January 16th
Location: ICHO KAIKAN, Osaka University

Poster Awards: Prize-winners receive a specially designed certificate and more.

Best poster awards:
As tradition of Handai Nanoscience and Nanotechnology International Symposium, we organize “Young researcher best poster awards” to encourage their Master/Doctor works. The first 10% of the total candidates will be awarded.


January 16th- 17th, 2018

ICHO KAIKAN, Osaka University (Suita Campus)


Download Abstract Template

Registration fee: Free

Invited ----- 0 yen
Participant ----- 2,000 yen
Student ----- 1,500 yen

841 mm width x 1189 mm height (A0 size)

Set-up: by the poster session from 13:10 on Jan. 16th (Tue)
Removal: by 11:15 on Jan. 17th (Wed)

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January 17th , 2018