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January15th (Tuesday)
8:30-13:00  Registration
(9:00-11:40) (2nd SANKEN JSPS Symposium for the Circulation of Talented Researchers)
11:40  13:00 Welcome Lunch
13:00  13:05 Opening address
Prof. Katsuaki Suganuma, Director of ISIR, Osaka University
13:05  13:10 Welcome address
Prof. Yasushi Yagi, Executive Vice President, Osaka University
Session 1 IoT for Society 5.0
  Chair :Hidekazu Tanaka (ISIR, Osaka University)
13:10  13:50 Prof. Yasushi Yagi, Executive Vice President, Osaka University, Japan
New scientific paradigm through “Datability” and "Initiative for Life Design Innovation"
13:50  14:25 Dr. Hiroyuki Akinaga, AIST, Japan
Resistive Analog Neuromorphic Device: Materials Challenges for Edge AI Computing
14:25  15:00 Assoc. Prof. Yoshihiro Kawahara, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Design of Services and Systems for Society 5.0 Enabled by New Materials and Devices
15:00  15:20 Coffee Break
Session 2 Nano-materials & devices for Society 5.0
  Chair :Takahiro Kozawa (ISIR, Osaka University)
15:20  16:00 Prof. Jan Vanfleteren, Imec & Ghent University, Belgium
Technology and Applications for 3D Electronics using Industry Compatible Manufacturing Processes
16:00  16:35 Prof. Ken Uchida, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Nanoscale Sensors for Accurate Detection of ppm Level Hydrogen in Air at High Humidity
16:35  17:10 Dr. Eiji Uenaka, Dr. Naoyuki Okamoto, Renatech Co., Ltd., Japan
Development and practical application of novel cancer risk screening system using serum trace elements: Metallo-Balance
17:10  17:30 Assoc. Prof. Toru Sugahara, ISIR, Osaka University, Japan
Gas Sensor Property of Oxide Nano-Structures synthesized by Metal Organic Decomposition Method
18:30  20:30 Banquet at Senri Hanyu Hotel(Jurin-no-ma, East Hall)
January 16th (Wednesday)
Session 3 Data Science & Technology for Society 5.0
  Chair : Takashi Washio (ISIR, Osaka University)
9:10  9:30 Prof. Takashi Washio, ISIR, Osaka University, Japan
Measurement-oriented Machine Learning for Advanced Sensing
9:30  10:05 Prof. Genshiro Kitagawa, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Data Science and Transdisciplinary Research
10:05  10:45 Prof. Saso Dzeroski, Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia
Multi-target prediction and semi-supervised learning with predictive clustering
10:45  11:20 Prof. Tamiki Komatsuzaki, Hokkaido University, Japan
How can one bridge information science and measurement science to accelerate the measurements?
11:30  13:00 Poster Session & Coffee Break
12:00  13:00 Lunch
Session 4 Organic/Biology for Society 5.0
  Chair : Kunihiko Nihsino (ISIR, Osaka University)
13:00  13:40 Prof. Bartosz, A, Grzybowski, UNIST, South Korea, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
Chematica: An “in silico” synthetic chemist for the XXI century.
13:40  14:15 Dr. Tomonobu Watanabe, RIKEN, Japan
Propose of cellular fingerprinting: a challenge to prediction of gene-expression from Raman scattering spectrum
14:15  14:50 Dr. Mikio Tanabe, KEK, Japan
Structural Insights into the conformational switching mechanism of a multidrug/proton efflux transporter
14:50  15:10 Coffee Break
15:10  15:30 Prof. Kunihiko Nishino, ISIR, Osaka University, Japan
Regulation of a bacterial multidrug efflux system involved in multidrug and bile resistance
Session 5 Society 5.0 for the Future
15:30  16:10 Director, Kip Stringfellow, Strategic Relations, Singularity University, USA
Smart Cities of the Future
16:10  16:15 Poster Award Ceremony and Closing Remarks